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"Well, I know!...... Come on, we all go to work, change clothes! Parke, don't be so slow!"Parke said in a very bad mood, "can't I finish this cup of coffee?""Then you can drink it. It's really a bad idea!" Dallas said."It's rare...... On this ship, I am satisfied with this coffee......"olive green nike blazers Parke slowly drank the cup of coffee he didn't really care for.

Strange telegramThe so-called "mother" is synonymous with the computer system. Thanks to the computer system, like a mother, taking care of their diet and daily routines in the dim and endless voyage.Dallas into the computer system studio. The room is full of instruments and lights. If you turn off the lights in the room, it's like a planetarium.Dallas integrated circuit to the central console to sit down, press the power switch alarm, the screen immediately in front of the show recorded word report: Cha ship all normal, without any changes.olive green nike blazers Dallas press another switch, this is to ask what I should do next, because of all the work space of the ship, have been recorded in the computer in advance, each stage of the action, will be conducted in accordance with the instructions of the "mother".

At this time, the screen suddenly appeared such a sentence:Coordinate 2036, ready to explore."Dallas does not understand what happened, had to ask the integrated circuit alarm device:"Mom, what's going on?"olive green nike blazers At the same time, in the cab also received a strange wave of unknown source or origin. Cause the staff to discuss.

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